iSAP Scanner

v1.9 SAP Business One 8.8x, 9.0x, 9.1x, 9.2x

Dynamic, powerful, customisable, affordable scanning system for SAP Business One


iSAP Scanner for SAP Business One is a unique, affordable application designed for Apple iOS devices which transforms your iPhone into the ultimate scanning platform. iSAP Scanner transforms your warehouse processes by letting you pick or receive goods on mobile device with or without a scanner, directly from the original purchase or sales document stored in the SAP Business One database. Thanks for advanced validation system it ensures that orders and deliveries are correct before shipping or taking delivery, reducing the cost of errors while additionally speeding up the process. The scanners (or iOS devices) can be configured so that every item handled must be scanned, creating a means of quality control. Once the picking or receiving of goods has been completed, iSAP Scanner creates the respective documents automatically in SAP Business One.

Additionally, iSAP Scanner has been developed to work with serial numbers, batch numbers and also pallet and carton configurations. This add-on has been further enhanced to include bin location processing to accurately store the location of products across multiple bins.

System: iSAP Scanner works directly on the SAP Business One database over WiFi/3G/4G. It operates in real time, no synchronisation is necessary. It can be installed on-premise and also works over VPN off a cloud server.

Hardware: iSAP Scanner has been built to utilise the affordable iOS platform with highly defined screens, fast technology and reliable networking. It can be run on a whole range of devices including iPhone 5,6,7 and iPod 6. The iSAP Scanner platform is compatible with special rugged scanning cases (1D or 2D) with additional batteries and protection. It works with Bluetooth scanners, Socket, ReStock, Opti2000, etc. or for the QR codes just an iPhone camera can perform as the scanner.

Printers: iSAP Scanner works with the iSAP Printing engine offering a quick, configurable and powerful printing environment for product labels, bin location stickers, documents, packing lists and much more.

Software: iSAP Scanner can be configured to deliver two levels of complexity. It can be installed as either a full system or a single scenario which makes it affordable and scaleable. Additional scenarios can be enabled and built for future specification as required by the customer.

Most commonly used scenarios are:

Stock Check

iSAP Scanner performs a quick check against a selected product which enables  the user to scan, search or narrow-down the products and execute custom queries/reports for the selected products checked. The basic scenario displays where the selected product is located. The extended scenario delivers a more detailed/custom view of the products and updates the Item Master with min/max quantity as well as raising a quick stock-count request for selected products.

Location Check

iSAP Scanner performs a quick check against a particular warehouse location. The basic scenario displays the contents of the selected location. The extended scenario updates the bin location data with min/max quantity as well as raising a quick stock-count request for selected bin.

Goods In

The system displays an open documents list showing either Purchase Orders or Purchase Reserve Invoices and the user scans the content which fulfills the lines. The document is completed by producing the Goods Receipt PO with links to the base document. The extended scenario can print labels/stickers or generate batch numbers for incoming goods.

Simple Dispatch

iSAP Scanner has a quick and easy sales order process. It displays the list of open and approved Sales Orders to pick from and lets the user scan goods against the Sales Order. After scanning, the user can simply produce a Delivery Note or Invoice and print it automatically. The extended scenario lets the user update the number of boxes, weight and also produces a courier integration file (DPD, Royal Mail, Fedex, DHL etc.) iSAP Scanner updates the Delivery Note with the tracking number provided by the courier company.

Advanced Pick and Pack

iSAP Scanner has a two stage pick & pack process for larger organisations. It displays a list of approved Sales Orders or Pick Lists and lets selected users quickly pick the goods from the picking area. All the picked products are transferred to a special “Packing Area” and the stock is moved out from its original bin locations. When the order is ready for packing, the user can either re-scan all the products (retail) or create a delivery without re-scanning (trade). The user can update the weight for the parcel and produce an integration file for the courier software (DPD, Royal Mail, Fedex, etc.). The extended scenario lets the user generate a separate entry for every box of packed goods and track the box content. The user can update the weight for every box separately and print the box labels. At the end of the process, the user can generate either a Delivery Note or an invoice. The extended scenario can print a special “Return Form” with a unique barcode for quick returns.


The warehouse user can use Stock Check and Location Check scenarios to perform stock enquiries and operations. Additionally, the user can utilise the special option called “Trolley” to move stock between bin locations. They can also fulfil the Stock Transfer Request to produce Stock Transfers between warehouses or warehouse and shops. A unique document called “Stock Take’ lets the user fulfil and update the SAP Stock Counting document. The extended scenario builds an advanced replenishment logic to improve the movement within the warehouse and generates a “Stock Transfer Request” for shop warehouses based on required and real product levels.


iSAP Scanner displays all released production orders to enable the user to scan goods against it. All the goods will be issued as an issue for production document and will increase the 'work in progress' value. Once the production process has been completed the production order can be marked as complete, which automatically updates the stock levels and generates a receipt from production into SAP Business One.


The iSAP Scanner system has a bespoke validation module to monitor staff operations. The logical conditions can trigger messages/alerts and can prevent users from making mistakes. iSAP Scanner also uses sound alerts which improves speed and performance by distinguishing errors by sound.


  • Works in real-time with no delays or synchronisation requirements
  • On-line operation over WiFi, 3G, 4G,VPN
  • Works on iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • Compatible with special hardware scanners, bluetooth scanners, iPhone camera scanning
  • iSAP Printer compatibility
  • Module/scenario based implementations
  • Product stock check screen
  • Bin location stock check screen
  • Simple “sales order” dispatching
  • Advanced pick & pack
  • “Purchase Order” or “Purchase Invoice” scanning/receiving with draft document possibility
  • “Stock Transfer request” operations
  • Bin to bin transfer
  • “Stock-taking” count and update
  • Pick location “replenishment” based on bespoke rules
  • Store stock “replenishment” scenario to generate “Stock Transfer Request”
  • Can handle partial and complete picking and deliveries
  • Potential to check unknown items on a customisable screen and assign barcodes if not already present
  • A stock taking scenario which gives a view of the total stock in the warehouse for stocktaking processes
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