iSAP Expenses

Version 1.5 PRO - Available On The App Store (VPP)

An essential expenses application for SAP Business One users


iSAP Expenses is a unique off-line application integrated with SAP Business One which enables iPhone users to record and send their expenses report directly to SAP Business One. Centralised categories are defined in SAP Business One such as mileage, travel, accommodation etc. A project list enables users to select and assign appropriate projects to their expense items. 

Expense reports can be posted as a purchase invoice or journal entry against an employee as a business partner. 

iSAP Expenses is an easy, quick and extremely user-friendly app. Integrated with SAP Business One, projects and categories can be defined and used across the entire company. No more lost receipts, laborious data entry into excel spreadsheets. Simply log expenses against a chosen project, choose your category, be it mileage, subsistence, travel etc. and send the monthly expense report directly to SAP Business One.

Using your iPhone camera, take photographs of receipts and upload them to your expense report. Mileage can be customised to your specific mileage rate and automatically calculates the cost per trip. Once your monthly expense report is sent to your SAP Business One, it is posted as a Purchase Invoice so that the SAP Business One end user can quickly review and approve your expenses and generate payments through SAP Business One.

iSAP Expenses tracks your expenses against individual projects that you are currently working on and lets you create and manage many projects at any given time. Project reports are then easily created to enable clear and concise project management results.

The iSAP Expenses iPhone app negates the laborious task of completing excel spreadsheets and manually photocopying receipts. iSAP Expenses is extremely quick and easy to use and dramatically saves time and increases productivity. 


 iSAP Expenses - iPhone Mobile Application

  • A unique expenses application for all SAP Business One users
  • Create new expenses against categories defined in SAP Business One 
  • Assign expenses to SAP Business One projects
  • Assign expenses to SAP Business One cost centres (optional)
  • Create templates for recurring expenses
  • Capture expense receipts using iPhone camera
  • Generate Industry Standard monthly expense sheet
  • Print expense reports via AirPrint compatible printers
  • Send expense reports and images via email
  • Send expense reports directly to SAP Business One as Journal Entry or Purchase Invoice (optional) 
  • Create expense reports by projects monthly and annually
  • Work off-line. No need for Wi-Fi or 3G

SAP Business One - Core System

  • Define expense categories in SAP Business One and distribute to users app
  • Assign rules and authorisation codes for employees in SAP Business One
  • Synchronise SAP Business One projects to all users
  • Synchronise SAP Business One cost centres to all users
  • Use banking wizard to make payments of expenses from Purchase Invoices
  • Receive expense report and create Purchase Invoice or Journal Entry against the user as a business partner (optional) 
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